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Pixel's Seperation Issues

Pixel. Part One.


Pixel the dog waiting patiently for her owner to give her some food!
Waiting to be fed. Starving. Obviously.

Pixel had a more than an interesting life. She walked smack bang into rubbish bins along the footpath, getting distracted, not looking where she was going.

She was an outside dog, hated being separated from us. She knew where the line was. But mostly it was in front of the aircon on the cool tiles. She tried rescuing us from the beach every time we went in the water. Trying to bite our feet as we walked in. Saving us. She loved coming for a run around our suburb. A great companion. My running buddy because my husband doesn’t want to run. So many smells. The joy on her face. The sniffing and peeing on trees and car wheels. Tongue out to the floor as we near home.

She jumped off a 2nd storey balcony once. A bit stiff and sore to say the least. Nothing broken thank goodness. Then there was the moving vehicle incident. As a puppy she had the backseat all to herself. Window was half down. Car travelling at slow speed down a back country road. She wanted to run instead of being driven. So she jumped, rolled and dusted herself off and was wondering why the car had stopped! Right as rain. Like rubber she was. I think she learnt her lesson after that. She would have loved where we live now. Acreage to run around on and wildlife to bark at, Dams to jump in and trees to flopsy under in the midday sun. Just one dogs life. Pixel. Staffy x Blue Heeler (although not quite sure about the Heeler part!)



Part 2 coming soon.





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1 Comment

oh wow! she's such a cheeky pup!

I can't believe she landed ok after the jump from the balcony!! Tough dog!

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