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Hold my beer! and my dog biscuits....

Calling all L.A. Woofa's - check out our new fav dog park experience!

It's a warm, mid-week spring evening in Los Angeles, and the club is bumping.

Not the Hollywood dance club or even the ritzy beach or country club. I'm talking about a Santa Monica, California members-only club that is, primarily, a dog park.

Meet DOG PPL: A private dog park where members pay $80 per month for a clean environment with safety requirements and protections for dogs that is also a social club for dog owners. In addition to spay/neuter and vaccination requirements, pristine turf, and park monitors called "rufferees" on hand to keep things copacetic among dogs, there are human amenities, too. There's infused water, free events, lint rollers and poo bags, comfortable lounge areas, cafe lights, Tame Impala-esque (Read Best Australian tunes) music, and of course, a bar for the partners of the pooches. Who said beers and barks don't mix?

To get there - it's members only. Santa Monica, LA. Drop the peeps a line via their website.

But it does include, poo picking, wifi, tunes, a bar and a "vetted" temperament mix to ensure that all patrons get along.

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1 Comment

wish I was in LA! This sounds fab!

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