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Chief Canine in Charge

Updated: Feb 26

Hank Jackman

Chief Canine in Charge @ Woofa

aka The Hankaroona


Originally from the back blocks of Western Australia, Hank is a well-travelled eight year old male Australian Cattle Dog, colloquially known as a Red Heeler. His daily life and obsession is chasing sticks, chewing sticks, finding sticks and then placing sticks on top of the feet of visitors rendering them unable to move without throwing the stick.


He battles daily with two chickens who relentlessly try to steal his dry biscuits. He is a dog that is partial to a good vegetarian meal and is obsessed with sticks. Fortunately, Hank lives in a rainforest next to the Great Barrier Reef. Sticks are never-ending in supply.


Hank relaxes by barking with joy in the back of the ute (pick-up) with the wind rushing past. He feels sorry for other dogs that must remain quietly in the interior of their vehicles. To cool off, Hank loves to jump in the rainforest river, fetching sticks from the water.


In the river with another of my favourite sticks.
In the river with another of my favourite sticks.

Also, if someone could throw him a stick…..


He looks forward to updating his social media profile with forthcoming adventures, new friends and pictures of his new favourite stick.




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Chief Canine in Charge! Every company should have one!


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