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 What in the world of Woofa  ?

What are we about?

Well, walks in the park, soggy and sandy at the beach. Muddy paws on the clean floor, snuggles on the couch while dozing to our favourite tunes. Noses into smelly stuff, peeing on the neighbour's letterbox. Catching up with old friends, sniffing the bottoms of new ones. A dog's life. The best life.
The wonderful world of Woofa 🐾

Your dog pack in an app.

Woofa connects dogs

and their people to experience

an entire new world of

community, wellbeing and connection,

within a sphere of highly specialised data technology.

Join your new friends across the world
and just around the corner!
 Behind the scenes at Woofa  HQ.
dog pack people.

The Australian digital media pet technology company,
dedicated to the wellness and every day joy of your Woofa.

Community.  Connection.  Wellbeing.

 Come for a walk with Woofa !

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