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Dog running on beach

Woof Woof Wag Wag!

       Wag the dog!
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We have all your favourite things.
From Walkies to Tucker Time
and Treats to Technology.
Woofa Logo & tag line
Dog playing with bubbles
Phone with Woofa logo
What the Woofa?
Woofa is your community of dogs.
dog pack in an app.
Why did we create Woofa? 
To share our dog days,
show off our pooch pics,
share advice &

enjoy a community for all the best dogs.
Like to know more?

Woof Woof Wag Wag!

Finally, a place to show-off
your Woofa!
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Dog on map of Australia
There are over
6.3 million
dogs as pets in Australia
which means that there are a lot of tails wagging at Walkies time today!
Paw Print Icon
of muddy wet dogs will run
over the freshly mopped floor
Dog Icon

are actually bred in Newfoundland, but there was already a dog breed with this name. So, henceforth it was named after the port area, Labrador.
the Woofa story
A woman and her dog went for a walk one day.
Whilst out for their stroll, the woman said to the dog,
“Wouldn’t it be great to share this with your friend and mine.
To show them where we walk and the beauty around us.”

Also, she said; “I’d like to know how far this is,
and how much fitter you’re getting young pup....
And whilst we are it, you need worming, I think.
How long before you’re due a vet check-up too?

The leaves are turning gold, you’ll need a new coat for winter.
Why doesn’t someone put all this in one app?

So, she did.
And the dog wagged his tail.

Woof Woof Wag Wag!

Dog jumping in sprinkler with spotify logo
Where have you bean?
Check out our  
cool dogs with coffee  podcast
Podbean & dog with coffee cup

Chief Canine in Charge

and Beer

Joey the lion

Pixel's potterings

A Dog's Life. 
The tales of the tails of Woofa
Got the pawfect
service or product?

We'd love to know more.

Woofa/ woo-fah/ noun;

1.Australian lingo for your best friend. 

"We're going to the beach, bring your Woofa."

2. Woofa - the world's greatest dog app.

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